• Apr2017

    Students from Vidya School of Business visited state of art production facility of Yakult India, World’s leading probiotic drink producer.

  • Nov2016

    Visit to IITF, New Delhi

    November 29, 2016

    The main objective of this visit was to educate students about varied product categories, retail models and recent market trends in terms of technology, consumer behaviour, innovations and business models. Being digital India, the theme, it was also a very good platform where our students came to know about various

  • Aug2016

    The objective of the visit was to provide a flavor to students about how an industry works and to make them understand about the plant set up, tools and other related information.Students understood how a milk producing unit works and how various processes( accumulated, processed and distributed) take place.  

  • Mar2016

    As a part of our pedagogy we continuously thrive to give students a firsthand experience of how exactly corporate works. Here in this visit the main objective was to show students how a manufacturing unit works so that they can relate to what is being taught to them in the

  • Nov2015

    With a belief in ‘See and know’ is better than ‘Read and learn’’, Vidya School of Business & Vidya International School of Business organized an Industrial Visit to Finolex Cables Ltd., Roorkee on 11th/Feb/15. The prime objective was to make students aware about how various activities related to production and

  • Feb2015

    Students from VSB and VISB were taken to Auto Expo show in order to equip them with the latest development in Automobile industry.

  • Sep2014

    INDUSTRIAL VISIT AT YAKULT DANONE, SONEPET (HARYANA) FOR MBA 1ST YEAR STUDENTS With an object to provide practical knowledge about production process, inventory management, quality control, supply chain management and organizational culture, Vidya School of Business & Vidya International School of Business organized an industrial visit on 19th September to

  • Nov2013


  • Mar2013

    INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO PARLE INDIA   LTD. RUDRAPUR OF 2ND SEM STUDENTS An industrial visit was organized to Parle Agro Ltd., Rudrapur for MBA II Sem. students on18th, March 2013. They went through the process of manufacturing the biscuits. The whole process was discussed about how the raw material is converted