Guidance and Counseling Department
The Guidance and Counseling Department is designed to facilitate the exploration. The Counseling Program includes the following services:

  • Assistance to each student in his own personal growth and development.
  • Academic assessment and guidance.
  • Individual and group testing.
  • Career exploration.
  • Guidance for students conditionally accepted or on academic or disciplinary probation.
  • Personal counseling to individual students and small groups.


Industry Academia Interface
As our commitment towards the industry, we strive to set a very high standard for ourselves. We are adopting the globally relevant best practices to create a continuous stream of future student leaders, continuously improving upon the past. By learning and understanding the industry needs and requirements, we have developed a deep insight which helps and guides us to make our students industry ready.

At the end of every academic year, the students are provided opportunities to pursue internships to gain some real world practical experience. Summer Training is given to 100% students of pre final year.

Mentoring is provided to the students for choosing career options in IES,PSUs .

Guidance and Coaching
Guidance and Coaching is provided by the experts for GATE, SSC Examination, CMAT .

Placement Cell is connected with world-class faculty, savvy technocrats and innovators. Technical workshops with guest speakers from the industry are held regularly to acquaint students with the latest happenings.

Value Added Program

  • Enhancing the computer and internet proficiency of the students by making them work on projects involving direct exposure to Information Technology Enabled Services.
  • Recognizing the language problems with students, catching them early for correction and improvement course.
  • Refining them for the power presentations through weekly basis PPTs and making them realize and rectify their lacunae at an early stage.


Technical Training Program- Some of our training partners

  • TIE (Php, Dotnet) Training Center
  • Solar Panel and LED Drives Training by Sahashra group.
  • ISHRAE student chapter- VCE- Meerut (refrigeration and air conditioning)
  • AISEC Chapter- to promote cultural activities at international activities.