Our Alumni have been ambassadors of the VIDYA School of Business brand, fruitfully instituting a proficient network across industries. The 800+ alumni of VIDYA School of Business, from go-ahead leaders to Corporate Executives have made their presence touched across India and abroad generating a vocation for VIDYA School of Business all around the globe.

The former student base has been influential in foundation-building by providing their treasured vision and support to various policy-making initiatives here at VIDYA School of Business. The alumni base has dynamically aided us from sharing their ironic understandings, providing Live Assignments, Internships and Employments.


Vidya Alumni Society (VAS) was set up to strengthen a pleasant relationship among former students, students, faculty and other members of VIDYA School of Business family. This society aims to raise, nurture and influence huge industry exposure and involvement of our alumni set-up in the sequence of association building.

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