Vision, Mission, Objectives

Our Vision

To develop educational and research institutions of GLOBAL STANDARD, where students can hone their intellectual, cultural and artistic skills in a vibrant environment, to become socially sensitive adults who can achieve their full personal, academic and professional potential.

Our Mission

We intend to act as a facilitator and foster the development of the young managers by raising their level of competence and intellect to face various challenges in the global environment. In pursuit of excellence, we provide training and development services, encourage research and disseminate knowledge. Our endeavor is to treat every student as an individual, recognizing their potential and ensuring that they receive the best preparation and training for achieving their career ambitions and life goals.

Our Objectives

VSB aims at developing ‘Globally Employable Managers’. The programs at VSB are designed for the students who aspire to be business leaders and managers of the future. We impart the necessary knowledge, skills and training to perform managerial responsibilities successfully in constantly changing and highly competitive national and international business environments.

  • To develop managers, leaders and entrepreneurs with vision and values.
  • To ensure relevance of curriculum for the industry.
  • To continuously upgrade and develop intellectual capital.
  • To provide diversified corporate exposure in the form of summer training, consultancy and live projects.
  • To improve inter-personal skills through personality development programmes