Masters in Business Administration (MBA)


Management and administration form the base of any business’s success story, and therefore the drivers of business management and administration are professionals who place on their experience in managing business expeditiously. Business management involves creating use of a company’s accessible resources in running and increasing the organization’s operations, while at the same time providing efficient delivery of services to the company’s patronage. Business administration takes care of handling the smooth functioning of various company operations – accounting, finance, marketing, management of information technology, projects, branding, etc.

The 2 year Degree program affiliated to AKTU Lucknow, the program aims at remodeling and nurturing people into accomplished professionals. The ideology for our Master in Business Administration program is to bring in attitudinal modification among the students, to develop their leadership qualities and eventually to mold them into competent managers to utilize resources optimally and to take effective decision to attain organizational goals and success.


Business Knowledge: Students after obtaining complete knowledge of business can demonstrate technical competence in domestic and international business through the study of major disciplines within the fields of business management.

Critical Thinking Skills: Students are able to analyze, define and devise solutions for structured and unstructured business issues using cohesive and logical reasoning patterns for analyzing information, materials, and data.

Communication Skills: Students are able to conceptualize a complex contention into a lucid written statement and oral representation.

Technology Skills: Students are competent in the uses of technology in modern organizational operations and companies.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Students can demonstrate the elements of creating and managing innovation, new business development, and high-growth potential entities

The subjects covered in each semester are designed so as to equip students with modern management concepts and techniques with emphasis to relate it to real life situations. Students can take specialization in one of the following streams:

Finance Management has been and will continue to be a major necessity since most businesses and organizations understand the value of properly managing their assets. Financial management is focused on the planning and controlling the financial resources and expenses of any industry. A bachelor’s degree in finance can help you to work in commercial banking, investment banking, insurance, money management, financial planning and so on. But an MBA in Finance will assist you move up the corporate ladder and get additional prominence and opportunities in your job. Such courses offer students a deep understanding of financial management, interpersonal skills, technological proficiency professional insight, managerial skills and business skills.

Finance, a long-standing favorite specialist area for many MBA graduates, has taken a hit in popularity amongst applicants in recent years, following the global financial crisis. However, as we continue to counter to the ongoing financial events around the world, altering our teaching techniques and activities to incorporate the lessons that need to be learnt from such economically game-changing events, employers continue to appraise the modern approach of finance MBA graduates. Our finance students hold honorable posts in well known companies and Industries like Finance, Banking and PSUs as well.

Specialization in Finance addresses issues relating to financial services and securities, with relevant coverage of high technology firms, large corporations, and entrepreneurial companies. The Finance stream will go through the details of following domains:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Banking Management

The globalization of the Indian economy has spread out the doors of foreign trade, besides increasing domestic competition. This, in turn, has driven up the demand for marketing management in India, that revolves around matching the wants of customers to the marketing resources of a company. Therefore primarily, this involves remodeling consumer demands into services or products,that the company will fruitfully provide, deliver and promote within the marketplace.

An average of 50% students choose Sales and maketing profile to start their career with. Studying marketing in your PG can broadly teach you regarding, sales, marketing fields, leadership management skills, market methods, product management, marketing research and consumer trends etc., you’ll be able to determine the market choice research through analysis of demand, competition, economies and so on. Secondly, you’ll be able to utilize tools like marketing research, pricing, distribution, advertising and sales promotion to ensure the everyday success of the organization or company.

In order to satisfy these demands, we emphasize on nurturing marketing skills, in our program and with non traditional and industry oriented teaching manner like live projects, case studies etc we prepare our students to stand out in the crowd and be a profound marketer. Our marketing alumni are working with a number of best companies in several industries and are holding positions of notable repute each in corporate and Govt. sector

The focus of the program is on sharpening analytical and decision-making skills in topics like advertising, integrated marketing communications, market research, brand/product management, distribution, relationship marketing and international marketing. The marketing stream focuses on:

  • Retail Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Product Marketing

Employees are said to be the most valuable asset for any organization and hiring, retaiting and developing a pool of right set of workers is the job of HR professionals in an organisation. Human Resource (HR) Management focuses on increasing worker performance to satisfy the employer’s strategic objectives. It involves concentration on policies and systems, accomplishment, training, development, performance appraisal, managing payments , industrial relations, harmonious employer and employee relations and also balancing of structure practices. Thus specialization in HR will equip you with all these key skills, ideas and also to manage human resources in an exceedingly means that results in the success of a company. Once finishing MBA, you will find scope for work in many sectors like information technology, government organizations, media houses, newspapers, and alternative verticals.

The various job roles out there for those with an MBA in HR management are – HR Assistant, Recruiter, training and Development organiser or Manager, Payroll Specialist, Human Resources Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Compensation or profit Analyst or Manager, HR information Systems Manager, Labor Relations Manager etc. Your career path can even take you to climb high and become director or vice president of HR.

HR being extremely specialized, demanding and critical function of business administration holds utmost importance within the curriculum of management. The first objective of this specialization is to train the participants in competencies like knowledge of the business, personal credibility, functional HR expertise and management of modification. The HR stream focuses on:

  • Industrial Training & Development
  • Human Capital Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Industrial Relations & Personnel Management

At the heart of any MBA program lays a course of study in business management, strategy and economics. However, business runs on information, and in today’s world, information is shared through technology. Whether or not the technology comes within the kind of a CASH register, data warehouse or robotics production, knowing the way to incorporate it into a company is important to modern business. An MBA in information Technology integrates business management and technology knowledge into an advanced graduate program.

Our objective for specialization in information Technology is to gear our blossoming managers with an operational study of technology, new skills and views, and to provide them with cross-disciplinary exposure so they’ll expand technology in various organizations. Students practice case study research and classroom discussions of forefront, contemporary scenarios to directed research.. The training pedagogy is to empower students to drive business conversion through innovative technology.

MBA with specialization in IT open doors for you to a good range of opportunities in each IT and Non IT companies as information and data is needed all over the professionals to look after this domain.

MBA in information Technology Management is meant to provide students with a variety of analytic, strategic and leadership skills whereas meeting the requirements of the IT business. The program provides graduates with training and skill that will prepare them for more and more competitive careers within the fast paced areas of Business and information Technology. The IT stream focuses on:

  • System Programming & Design
  • System Information Management
  • Project Management
  • Network Management

The world nowadays is said to be a ‘Global Village’. All the business giants are operative in multiple countries and plans to expand more in future furthermore. Geographical boundaries are dwindling as far as business is concerned and that calls for professionals who have understanding of how businesses come across the world.

Specialization in International Business in MBA can open the land of opportunities for you in the biggest MNCs of the world.

In addition to operating among international companies that compete on international markets, MBA (IB) graduate can also find careers in management, finance and in consulting. Graduates may additionally seek to work among international companies within the travel and hospitality industry, which are regularly dealing with both businesses and consumers from around the world.

The MBA in International Business gives a strong foundation in general management subjects and all the fundamental areas of international business throughout the first year. In the second year the students opt for their specialization in areas of marketing, Finance, Supply chain management etc with special stress on the International Business perspective. The IB stream focuses on:

  • International Logistics
  • International Marketing
  • Export and Import Management
  • Foreign Exchange Management