Live Projects

Live Projects

VIDYA School of Business is leaving no stone unturned in order to provide real-time work experience to its students in the form of Live Projects. We lay emphasis on instilling problem-solving, leadership, communication, team-building and analytical skill among the students.

We promote our students to participate in Live Projects so as to make them employable and to help them gain business understandings and knowledge from these ventures.

Have a look at the Live Projects taken up by our students in the long run:

  1. A seven-day Project on ‘Foundation for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development (FIED)’ at IIM Kashipur

Our students of MBA (Elite) I Year undertook a project under ‘Foundation for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development (FIED)’ which is an incubation center of Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, and nurtured and strengthened theirentrepreneurialskills.

  1. A fifteen-day Project on ‘Credit Control Operations and Practices’ at Om Logistics Ltd, Delhi

Our students of MBA (Elite) I Year worked on a two-week project on Credit control Operations and Practices at Om Logistics, a pioneer Indian organization involved in logistics,reverse logistics,distribution,cargo and supply chain services in India and overseas. Studentsgained insight into the practical knowledge of the detailfunctioning of Credit Control System.

  1. A seven-day Project on ‘Customization and Development of Websites under Digital Marketing’ at Ducat, Ghaziabad

Our students of MBA (Elite) I Year carried out a seven-day Project on ‘Customization and Development of Websites’ and employed their learning of Digital Marketing at Ducat Ghaziabad. Students garnered the practical knowledge of Digital marketing which made them familiar with the new marketing technology which is very useful in today’s competitive world.

  1. A Project on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ at NEISBUD

Our students of MBA (Elite) I Year worked on a Project on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ at NIESBUD Noidawhich focused on inculcating the feeling/ culture of Entrepreneurship among students. It also imparted knowledge in developing the entrepreneurial abilities which are required to run a business successfully.