Parents Testimonials

Mr. Satendra Kumar

Parent of Ruchika

M.B.A (2021-23)

I am extremely satisfied with my choice to enroll our daughter in Vidya School of Business. As a parent, I appreciate the college's focus on holistic development, which has helped our child grow academically, socially, and personally. I wholeheartedly recommend Vidya School of Business to every parent looking for quality education for their child.

Mr. Vipin Jain

Parent of Harshita Jain

M.B.A (2021-23)

I am thankful to the college for making my daughter capable enough to flourish in and become a resourceful person. This college has offered my daughter more than we as parents ever desired for. The college has prepared my daughter to face the real world. She has started imbibing moral values more than before.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain & Mrs. Meena Jain

Parents of Anshul Jain

M.B.A (2022-24)

We are extremely pleased with the education and overall development our child has received at Vidya School of Business. The faculty members and administration have been exceptional in providing a nurturing and conducive learning environment.

Mr. Abbas Kazmi

Brother of Abiha Kazmi

M.B.A (2022-24)

I'm incredibly proud of my sister’s journey at VSB. The college's commitment to excellence is evident in their academic and personal growth. The supportive faculty and engaging campus environment have played a significant role in her development.

Mrs. Harshdeep Sharma

Parent of Janvi Sharma

M.B.A (2022-24)

My daughter has pursued an MBA from VSB. I am really happy for her growth. Their unique teaching style, confidence building activities & job skill modules helped her to develop her skills and channelize her knowledge in the best way possible. VSB is the best place for those students who want to succeed in life.

Mrs. Shuchita Jain

Parent of Pranshi Jain

M.B.A (2022-24)

As a parent, I would like to say that I am very impressed with my daughter's academic events and performances. Thank You for all the effort the teachers have put in with her. The events are very fun, entertaining and educational for her. Keep it up VSB!

Mr. Jitender Kumar Chopra

Parent of Aniket Chopra

M.B.A (2022-24)

As a parent, witnessing my child's journey at Vidya School of Business has been truly gratifying. I am impressed by the faculty's commitment to mentorship and the opportunities provided for real-world experience. I wholeheartedly endorse Vidya School of Business as a parent who has seen firsthand the positive impact it has had on my child's academic and professional growth.

Mr. Tasleem Ahmed

Parent of Sadiya Tasleem

M.B.A (2020-22)

I would like to show my appreciation to the teachers who have taught my daughter and have guided her to achieving amazing results in her academics. They have been a source of confidence and inspiration for my child to work hard and achieve the level where she is today!

Mr. Neeraj Vashishth & Mrs. Rajni Sharma

Parents of Akshit Vashishth

M.B.A (2019-21)

At the beginning of his educational journey, we were very confused to choose college for his MBA but at last we enrolled him in Vidya School of business and we are very proud that we had selected Vidya for our son. College offered him campus placement, improved his personality and helped him in achieving the best in his career.

We would love to recommend Vidya to every parent for their sons’ and daughters’.

Mr. Vinay Jain

Parent of Vijeta Jain

M.B.A (2019-21)

As a parent, I would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers for their continuous care and support. I have witnessed massive and exponential development in my daughter. Thanks for your endurance, enthusiasm and passion which you provide each and every day.

Retd. Subhedar Iqurar Mohammed

Parent of Mohammad Imlak Khan

M.B.A (2016-18)

I am a happy parent as my son has transformed after doing M.B.A. from VIDYA School of Business. His personality has changed and he has become very responsible and sincere. Also, he is able to earn his own bread and butter now and leads a dignified life, all thanks to the grooming at VSB.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar Jain & Mrs. Deepa Jain

Parents of Megha Jain

M.B.A (2018-20)

The teachers and administrators of VSB nurtured and supported our daughter at every step of her Masters .VSB truly upholds its motto in preparing their students for life. Its safe environment made us stress free. Thank You to the whole team of VSB for providing our ward with the besteducational facilities in the region.

Mrs. Anju Jain

Parent of Akansha Jain

M.B.A (2017-19)

My daughter has completed her MBA from VSB. I am really happy for her growth. Their unique teaching style, confidence building activities & job skill modules helped her to develop her skills and channelize her knowledge in the best way possible. I highly recommend VSB to other parents.

Mr. Paritosh Sharma

Parent of Shivangi Sharma

M.B.A (2018-20)

Vidya School of Business is a great place where students develop excellent communication and management skills. Many Academic as well as Extra Curricular Activities are conducted regularly for the students.

Mr. Jagdish Kumar Ahuja

Parent of BhawnaAhuja

M.B.A (2017-19)

VSB is a vigorous college, always improving and taking responsibility of the bright future of their students. It has a wide range of courses, along with value added certifications and a great academic experience with inspirational teachers. VSB is a college of high merit and repute.

Mr. Shahzad Ali

Parent of Mohammad Khalid

M.B.A (2016-18)

Vidya School of Business is an all-round development college. They are strong in academics accompanied with focus on recreational and extra-curricular activities and the students’ individual needs. The faculty members at VSBdevote extra time to students so as to make sure they have future goals and a game plan to reach them.

If you are looking for a strong, proven, academic college with a welcoming administration that will help your child to become successful, VSB is the place for you.

Shalabh Kumar Garg

Parent of SheenuGarg

M.B.A (2016-18)

Prior it was very difficult for us to choose the best college which excels in all the aspects but today it gives me great pleasure to say with pride that my daughter has completed her post-graduation from Vidya School of Business. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave her an opportunity to excel in her area of interest.

VSB has a wonderful set of faculty and they are very cooperative and the environment of the campus is very positive. Training and Placement department continuously provides assistance to the students.

Best wishes to VSB!